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Contracted "Nearshore" Development Teams

If offshore rates entice you but the overall experience of engaging offshore workers dissuades you; then NEARSHORE professionals are your answer.

You can have contract IT and accounting services at rates competitive to what offshore workers charge. And, since the team of technology professionals that will be working on your projects is 100% comprised of US Citizens who are conscientious about their work, you can have those rates without sacrificing quality and convenience.

Our nearshore teams are based on United States soil in the Caribbean, about 2 hours from the US mainland. We are in the Atlantic Time Zone, which is the same as the Easter Daylight Time Zone. A few cities that are on the same time as we are are New York, Orlando, and Atlanta. Traveling to and from our office in the Caribbean and your premises is easy. The international airports on our islands have hundreds of flights from cities across the continental US weekly. 

We are a veteran owned company, employing only US citizens who speak your language (English and Spanish) and live and work in your hemisphere of the globe.

As a result of engaging our professionals, one of our clients reports savings in the tens of millions of dollars.

Another of our clients was quick to mention the following three things about our services:

  1. Our responsiveness is always 100% acceptable

  2. We are always quick to reply to their inquiries and requests

  3. They never have to wait an unacceptable span of time for us to act

Other clients report that they are pleased to know that the money they spend for services are paid to American companies who pay United States taxes and share American values and have an interest in ensuring the strength of American businesses, the United States economy, and the general well being of our country.

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