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IBM Power i Experts

(aka AS/400, iSeries, IBM i)

Many of our associates, including our company founders, have heavy expertise on the IBM midrange platform. Whether you are purchasing a new IBM Power i, currently on the platform, or migrating to another platform, we can be a resource for you.

  • Considering the purchase of an IBM Power i?

    • We can put an experienced System Engineer and CIO who has done this hundreds of times "on your side of the table", before you even speak to a salesperson. We can help you know what to ask for, who to ask for it, how much you should pay for it, and when you should expect to get it.

    • We can help you prepare an area for your IBM i, whether it's a spot in your office space or a data center with a raised floor.

    • We can install your new IBM Power i and configure it optimally for your applications.

  • Currently on the platform?​

    • We can put experienced System Operators, System Engineers, DB2 Database Engineers, ​DB2 Database Administrators, RPG Programmers, COBOL Programmers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Team Leads, etc... on your projects, on your support team, or on your day-to-day operations tasks.

    • We can design a custom support plan to fill any gaps in your IT support plans. A few examples of the support tasks we can do for you are:

      • monitor your system 24-7-365 or during off hours

      • periodic system checks for hardware issues

      • keep your Operating System up to date with PTFs and Operating System Upgrades

      • design your backup and recovery plan

      • perform your backups

      • performance tune your system

      • train technical staff

      • devise your IT SOP

      • implement security policies

    • We can modernize your applications. We can migrate your legacy database to a modern normalized DB2 database, and even distribute it over related systems if that's what you need. We can migrate your legacy code to modern CLLE, SQL, and RPGIV code. We can put GUI onto your applications, incorporate Web Services, and develop mobile solutions for you. 

    • We can help you stay compliant with requirements for security, backup and recovery, and high availability.

    • We can develop custom software solutions for you.​ There is no project that is too big, too small, too simple, or too complex for us.

  • Migrating to a new platform?​

    • We can put experienced, cross-platform Programmers and Database Engineers on your data extraction and migration projects.​

    • We can reverse engineer custom programs into solutions on your new platform.

Basically, we have been involved with the IBM Midrange platform since the System 34. As the platform has evolved into the modern, stable, secure, lightning-fast systems it is today, our skills have evolved with it. And, we can be a part of your IT department.

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